Artist of the Month December 2016 – Luca Rossi

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Our Artist for the month of
December 2016 is


Artist of the Month September 2016 - VEERACHAN USAHANUN

Please click the image above to visit his gallery page.

Open Studio Kunstquartier Wien

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Getting ready for the Open Studio at the Kunstquartier Wien

Dino Valls and Censorship

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When I checked my Facebook Newsfeed, I found a post message by Dino Valls . The full text of it is below this magnificent recent 2016 painting PROGENIES (from his website):

For my FB’s friends and followers:
I’ve recently been blocked again for publishing my painting, this time during one month (today unblocked again), with the threat of the definitive cancel of my account (as lamentably has already happened to other figurative painters).
That’s why I’m going to have this page closed to public during some days, to modify those images that could incite to the FB censors to cancel and delete it permanently.
My apologies in advance, for removing and modifying some images of my works, which unfortunately will also cause the loss of all your kind comments and “likes”.
In my future new “censored” posts, I’ll add links to their complete uncensored images in my website, or in a blog specifically created for that.

It is very sad that great artists are being frequently harassed by ignorant censors, reported by haters and trolls on Facebook. I can only support his decision – many others have taken this step already to protect themselves and their art from those too ignorant to see the difference.
Please visit the website of DINO VALLS to enjoy his great art without interference from ignorant Facebook censors.

Artist of the Month November 2016 – JAMES GUPPY

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Artist of the Month November 2016  - JAMES GUPPY

Our Artist of the Month November 2016  is


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This is called “THE RAT CATCHER OF HAMLIN” by Mark Bradford – a appropriate title I think, fitting the contemporary art market. It was sold for close to $4.7 million at Phillips

I think Mark Bradford had his tongue firmly in his cheek, and was laughing all the way to the bank.

It appears to follow a historical line of put-ons and spoofs that to this day the market is taking seriously, such as Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain a 100 years ago…….


or Piero Manzoni’s Merda d’artista in 1961…..

In other words, if you must see the best that Modern Art has to offer, you must visit the Tate.
And while Saatchi had first dibs on Hirst’s Shark, the Tate nevertheless proudly presents a piece that also came out of Damien Hirst’s animal art factory: Mother and Child Divided ……

 and yes, he has a factory that produces this stuff!

 Inside Damien Hirst’s macabre ‘art’ factory: Huge site has its own guards… and building just for pickling dead animals

Read more:…
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Fast forward to artnetNews to see how bizarre the market is today:

artnet News Names the 100 Most Collectible Living Artists

There are only a handful of artists that dominate the market.

Is this the best of our culture that we can show future generations?

Seelenmesse für Ernst Fuchs

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Liebe Freunde und Familie,

am 1. Todestag von Ernst Fuchs möchten wir euch herzlich zur Seelenmesse am Mittwoch, den 9. November 2016 einladen.
Messebeginn: 18:00
Ort: Pfarrkirche zum Hl. Apostel Andreas in Hütteldorf, Linzer Straße 424, 1140 Wien.
Gerne empfangen wir euch anschließend ab 19:00 im Ernst Fuchs-Museum (14.,Hüttelbergstraße 26) zu einem gemeinsamen Abend in Gedenken an unseren lieben Ernst.

Wir freuen uns auf euer Kommen,
Familie Fuchs

Magischer Realismus Udo Winkler und Freunde

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Magischer Realismus
Udo Winkler und Freunde

Great write-up in a Bavarian Newspaper covering the Exhibition:

MAGISCHER REALISMUS Ansbach - Spiel mit der Wirklichkeit

click photo above to view large image in my Flickr album – opens in separate window
The opening of this exhibition,
announced in my website blog earlier HERE went very well. 

Slide show from my Flickr album (click photo below for link):

Artists in this exhibition:
Michael Engelhardt – Wolfgang Harms – Hanno Karlhuber – Michael Maschka – Jo und Hans Niklaus – Otto Rapp – Susanne Steinbacher
Ausstellung im Kunsthaus Reitbahn 3, Ansbach, Germany
The majority of these photos were taken prior to the opening during installation.

To see my works in this show (with links to the respective pages and information about prints) check my website blog entry MAGISCHER REALISMUS – ANSBACH