Two of my paintings and one drawing  are touring with the Magical Dreams V exhibition organised by the Bator Art Gallery. The next exhibition opens in Warsaw, Poland, Jan 9. 2020. Opening January 9th, 2020 at 7 PM. Centrum Promocji Kultury ul. Podskarbińska 2, 03-833 Grochów, Warszawa, Poland The exhibition will continue until January 30thContinue reading “MAGICAL DREAMS V EXHIBITION – WARSAW”

Arik Brauer 90. Geburtstag am 4. Jänner 2019

Zum Geburtstag möchte ich Arik Brauer meinen herzlichsten Glückwunsch aussprechen.
Seit ich in 2011 wieder in meine Heimatstadt Wien zurückkehrte hatte ich mehrmals die Gelegenhet Arik Brauer zu treffen.

Exhibition Anderswelt und Zeitenwende

0 COMMENTS Pünktlich zu Halloween – am 25.10. bis 9.11.2018 ​just in time for Halloween – coming up 25.10. to 9.11.2018 ANDERSWELT UND ZEITENWENDE Ausstellung mit Werken von Otto Rapp, Klaus Schöberl, Demetrius Staykoff und Anna Wischin Marchtrenk  ​Linzerstaße 35 Markplatzcenter 1  SOME OF MY WORK I WILL BE SHOWING IN THIS GROUP EXHIBITION …theseContinue reading “Exhibition Anderswelt und Zeitenwende”


I was reading this article, The digital canvas: new technology and 21st century painting and tried to see if the kind (technique) of digital artwork I do is also used by other artists. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, but I found nothing comparable. The article states (taken out of context, I know): “……….. the visibility orContinue reading “THE DIGITAL CANVAS – example: OFFSPRING OF TIAMAT”

Tales from the Crypt

TALES FROM THE CRYPT Excerpt from the critique by J. Brooks Joyner, Editor Visual Arts, The Albertan * Saturday, May 29th, 1976    The exhibition is an omnipresent reincarnation of surrealist forms, attitudes and content painted what can only be termed as a magic-realist formula. Rapp capitalizes on a curious combination of dream world juxtapositions,Continue reading “Tales from the Crypt”

Apocalypse Chapel St. Egid in Klagenfurt by Ernst Fuchs

The monumental work by Ernst Fuchs at the St. Egid Chapel Numerous assistants helped in the completion of this project. Apocalypse Chapel by Ernst Fuchs – click image above ▲ to see the panorama, opens in separate window. ​360° Panorama from the Apocalypse Chapel by Ernst Fuchs View the ​360° Panorama here, link opens in separateContinue reading “Apocalypse Chapel St. Egid in Klagenfurt by Ernst Fuchs”

Otto Rapp fashion designs on VIDA VOICES

I am excited to announce that some of my artwork is offered as a SIGNATURE COLLECTION on VIDA!   click above ▲ or below ▼ to go to my designer page the designs are adaptions from details of my best artwork, specifically for use on these fetured products. Here are a couple of examples:  Continue reading “Otto Rapp fashion designs on VIDA VOICES”