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Otto Rapp is a genuinely great artist set apart from the superficial hype and business of an art-marketing machine of trendy movements spewing exhaust through the wilderness of contemporary art. His work is born of the bricks laid down in his native Austria by the renowned Fantastic artists of Vienna. The revelations and Rapp-ture of Otto’s work brings transpersonal elements into play and his drawings, prints and paintings reveal something leagues beyond a quaint realism or merely fanciful art. There are the rumblings of mystery; deep secrets of a tranformative consciousness just about to break through to illumination. Rapp’s work is a powerful light on the path of vision that takes one beyond the numbing nonsense and noise of the pseudo-vaudeville theater of modern ‘art’ and into the broad and enlightening vistas of Truth. He introduces the viewer, sometimes for the first time, to the divisions in consciousness that exist between dreams and non-ordinary states, between sensory experience and realms of imagination, between intuition and visionary inspiration while re-visioning and reinstating art as a potent and sacred language and powerful key to understanding human nature and our inherent qualities. Aside from Otto Rapp’s accomplishments as a visual artist, he is an emerging leader and networker in the genres of Surreal, Fantastic and Visionary Art and demonstrates tremendous organizational skills. If that is not enough, Otto also exhibits a profound knowledge of art history, philosophy of aesthetics and powers of analysis which is eloquently expressed in his skill as a writer and demonstrated on various websites and blogs on the internet, several of which he himself founded, designed, produced and administrates. One would be lucky to connect with Otto Rapp for any one of his many talents, creative products or services. Finally, as a human being he is generous, inspired, friendly, easy to work with and emanates a contagious optimism and creative flair in whatever he turns his mind and skills to.

Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson, MFA  – Artist, Author and Educator
April 24th 2010

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