Easiest way to join the Steemit Network

Up until now, it was rather cumbersome and a long drawn-out process to join Steemit. This all changed with Steem Ninja! STEEM NINJA is powered by @Oracle-D First, for those who do not know about Steemit: The Steemit Network has been in existence since 2016. Based on the Steem Blockchain it rewards users with cryptocurrency Steem.Continue reading “Easiest way to join the Steemit Network”


MASSIVE COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS ON MINDS Minds appears to be a haven for some copyright violators who scrape images off the internet and post them without attribution, trying to profit from other peoples work. If you want to know about Copyright and related issues, I operate a website, Visionary Art Gallery, where I dedicated a page toContinue reading “MASSIVE COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS ON MINDS”

New platform STEEMIT pays crypto currency for your posts!

Early August 2017 I joined Steemit. Taking your “Likes” to the bank? On there, you can! Below is a screenshot of my page: the above image links to my page ▲ There are a number of us that have already joined this STEEMIT platform. On Facebook, you cannot take your “Likes” to the bank. On STEEMIT you can! YouContinue reading “New platform STEEMIT pays crypto currency for your posts!”

Free Ning Services to end soon?

Visionary Art Members of the Visionary Tribe A message to all members of Visionary Art Please read this Ning blog for some disturbing news about the fate of free Ning networks:   http://blog.ning.com/2010/04/an-update-from-ning.html In reply to this, I had added this comment to the blog (awaiting moderator approval, at the time of this writing): IContinue reading “Free Ning Services to end soon?”