Ning Update – my 2 cents worth

This is a follow – up to my previous blog on the subject of Ning eliminating free Networks Free Ning Services to end soon?Please read it first to put the follow up in context. The overwhelming majority of comments on the Ning blog are very critical of the move by Ning to eliminate free service,Continue reading “Ning Update – my 2 cents worth”

Free Ning Services to end soon?

Visionary ArtMembers of the Visionary Tribe A message to all members of Visionary Art Please read this Ning blog for some disturbing news about the fate of free Ning networks: In reply to this, I had added this comment to the blog (awaiting moderator approval, at the time of this writing): I feel veryContinue reading “Free Ning Services to end soon?”

Facebook is more than a fad — and museums need to learn from it – The Art Newspaper

  By Jim Richardson Social networks and blogs are the fastest growing online activities, according to a report published in March by research firm Nielsen Online. Almost 10% of all time spent on the internet is spent on these types of sites, which Nielsen describes as “member communities”, and they are visited by more thanContinue reading “Facebook is more than a fad — and museums need to learn from it – The Art Newspaper”