Artist Statement

Otto Rapp


“These are universal archetypes that may be found deep inside our collective subconscious. While seemingly extraterrestrial and alien, they are also strangely familiar. I take the viewer into an area that they might have been before in another existence or  have entered in their dreams. It is a ‘method in this madness’ but everything arises  by elimination of conscious guidance. The work grows seemingly by itself, like frost flowers on a windowpane. “




the Inner Universe of Otto RappBogomil’s Universe is an excursion into the realms of the Inner Universe – a parallel universe that exists in the mind, and glimpses thereof are presented here. I am increasingly reluctant to speak of my work as strictly and exclusively surrealistic. While Surrealism provided the initial spark, and some of the methods of Surrealism are employed, I do not suppress the influence of the rational and selective focus. Thus, particularly in later works, there is to be found a conscious juxtaposition of the complementary forces of inspiration and reason.

I do not concern myself with the elimination of the rational, the exclusivity of the irrational and the absurd, but presentation of the conscious and subconscious world as an inseparable whole. I draw my inspirations from the layered labyrinth underground which represents the other side of life, which is an inner imaginative-inspirational counterpart to the outer world, expressed with the help of logic-alogic associations, analogisations and symbolism.

Otto Rapp, September 1983

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