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Our Artist for the month of

November 2017 is



​Please click these images to visit her gallery page. ▲▼




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dream_eyes banner.jpg
three of the Deep Dream created close ups of the artists eye used in the video

Video by Otto Rapp

The Artists Eye

 click to see it on YouTube

Black Vortex

Music by Kevin McLeod

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Visual Effects created with

zzz GoodTasteLastPage-1-BLURB-good taste-square 250px.jpg

KAZUHIKO NAKAMURA – Artist of the month October 2017

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PAYPAL ME – a new feature from Paypal

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a gratuitous self-portrait GIF to attract attention




Artist friends, Paypal has made it easy to add a tip jar to any post.
Get yours here:

Let’s work together to create a culture where we all expect to give a little back for the incredible content created by the artists in our lives. If everyone gave, even as little as $5/month, it would be a very different, more balanced scene.

It’s simple like this Example of my own link:

Dig the art? Show some love with a little tip:

or you can make a image link on your website, like mine here:

You know that it’s about more than purchasing things and experiences, it’s about energizing a way of life. By setting aside some resources for artists, I look for opportunities to help support the kind of world I want to live in; it is a world of creative passionate producers, sharing the fruits of their practice, and inspiring others to cultivate their own creative gifts.

Join the movement… share the message… grow the culture… fan the flames of individual empowerment, and nurture your own creative contributions!

I was made aware of this through a post by Joshua Levin‎ on Facebook
the majority of the text above was copied from his post.

WTF Facebook – I am royally pissed off!

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WTF Facebook – I am royally pissed off!

This is my Facebook profile picture.
My Facebook Personal Page is here:
But I cannot access that page anymore, nor my artist page

Just to see what is going on, and to re-establish contact with my closest friends, I opened a account under a different name.

Now if you read the details below, the fact that I opened this new account from the same computer that Facebook claims is infected and wants me to download a Kaspersky scan proves that this is bogus!

Update: I now tried to log in from a different computer, and as it says further down in the Norton Community Forum post comment, I get the same bogus message from Facebook on there as well, but again, the “new” account I opened opens without problem!


I’ve been trying to share a web page on Facebook when I get a message to log in. I log in, this page comes up:

FB what is wrong.JPG
In case you can’t read the tex from this screen clip, this is what it says:
Let’s Check Your Device for Malicious Software
Hi Otto, we’re continuously working to keep your account secure. We’ve noticed that this device may be infected with malicious software. To continue to use Facebook, you can either use other devices or clean this device by downloading the scanner provided by Facebook and Kaspersky Lab.

I have Norton Security, I ran a quick check, nothing found
So I am checking out the Norton History:
Norton History.JPG
Scrolling further down the history, I find that several attempts occurred on seemingly a daily basis to screw with my Security Software. These are blocked and classified as Medium. Here is one of the (identical) type blocked by Norton:

Category: Norton Product Tamper Protection
Date & Time,Risk,Activity,Status,Recommended Action,Date,Actor,Actor PID,Target,Target PID,Action,Reaction
9/8/2017 12:54:57 PM,Medium,Unauthorized access blocked (Access Process Data),Blocked,No Action Required,9/8/2017 12:54:57 PM,C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WBEM\WMIPRVSE.EXE,7844,C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\nis.exe,2348,Access Process Data,Unauthorized access blocked

Running the text of this Facebook message in a search, I find this in my Norton Community Forum: – this was posted 12.7.2015 – on top it says “This forum thread needs a solution” which means that for over 2 years, nobody found a solution yet.

But scrolling through the tread, I find this detailed description from swamper777 in his comment posted on 7.6.2017

here is the link to the comment:
If you open the link, aside from the comment, you will also find 3 PDF documents attached.
But for the comment, so you wont have to follow the URL, I copy the entire text below :

“Re: I have been blocked from logging onto Facebook as it claims that I have malware and must add a ESET program to scan all my files
Posted: 07-Jun-2017 | 6:01AM • Edited: 07-Jun-2017 | 6:03AM • Permalink
I’ve been using Facebook for nine years. During that time, I’ve only been put in Facebook jail about seven years ago, and then, only for 24 hours. I have 800+ FB friends, all of whom I’ve met in person or otherwise known in other circles.

I’m also an IT security specialist with 29 years of experience, one who has written 20+ articles for Network World.

It is my opinion that Facebook use of it’s “Let’s Check Your Device for Malicious Software” pop-up (attached) has nothing to do with “malicious software” as it claims, but rather, as a means of gaining access to the computing devices and personal information of people it has, for whatever reason, deemed “unfavorable.” I base my opinion on the process of systematic elimination, as described below:

  1. I run several anti-virus/malware programs on my computer, including Norton Security and Norton’s recommended Malwarebytes. The only problem any of them found was pua.opencandy, a low-threat undesirable which I fixed before reattempting my Facebook login, still to no joy — same “malicious software” error message.
  2. I next attempted to login to Facebook using other browsers, including Firefox and Opera. same “malicious software” error message.
  3. I flushed the cache of all browsers, system-wide, and attempted to log in using a different local machine user account on my computer (same FB user account): same “malicious software” error message.

CONCLUSION 1: This issue has nothing to do with any specific browser.

  1. I moved to a backup computer, one I haven’t used in about three weeks. Result: same “malicious software” error message.

CONCLUSION 2: This issue has nothing to do with my computer.

  1. I hiked over to the library, and asked a friend to login to their Facebook account using one of the library’s machines. No problem. After they logged out, I tried logging in using my Facebook account. Result: same “malicious software” error message.

CONCLUSION 3: This issue has nothing to do with my IP address, but may have to do with my FB account.

  1. I repeated Step 5 using a friend’s computer. He could access FB, but I could not. After I logged out, he was able to log back in without a problem.

CONCLUSION 4: This issue not only has nothing to do with either any machine or any browser, but is definitely associated with my FB user account.

  1. I researched this problem on several different user forums, including both here and on Facebook. None of the information I found conflicted with the steps I took and conclusions I reached as denoted above. In fact, the account about the lady who contacted the Better Business Bureau who subsequently contacted Facebook who magically resolved the issue confirms the conclusions I have reached above. I also noted that Facebook usually responds to users’ posts in their Help forum. They did not, however, respond to any of the five posts reporting this problem in their Help forum.

CONCLUSION 5: Facebook may not be interested in helping resolve this issue, because for them, it’s not a legitimate issue.

  1. I asked my friend to come over to my apartment, login using my computer and browser, to see if he can duplicate the problem. I log in and receive the “malicious software” message. I log out. He logs in with his own FB user account. Result: NO error message. I log in, receive the error message. He logs in, no error message. We repeat this several times just to be certain, both with cache flushing, no flushing, and multiple browsers.

CONCLUSION 6: Conclusion 4 was thoroughly and incontrovertibly verified. This issue has absolutely NOTHING to do with any purported “malicious software” on my machine (or on any machine) or in my or any other browser. The ONLY possible culprit is my specific login (along with the logins of others who have been put into the same penalty box by Facebook for whatever reason).

I therefore surmise that Facebook may have implemented this as a means of doing one of two things:

A. Blocking users whom it deems “undesirable.” Unfortunately, all it takes is just one FB moderator to block a legitimate user, even if all that user did was disagree with the status quo with respect to an issue like abortion or man-made climate change, and there’s no way to contact FB without first allowing them to scan your system.

B. Creating a false premise upon which it can gain access to a user’s computer. I would hate to think that any of the four antivirus/malware products with which Facebook has partnered (Kaspersky, ESET, TrendMicro, F-Secure) would ever be complicit in such an affair, but given the observations and test results as stated above, along with Facebook’s decidedly left political bent and the countless similar tactics the left has used over the last decade at all levels, it’s entirely reasonable to question that this is indeed what Facebook is doing now. The problem with this is that the only way to contact Facebook at this point is to allow them to scan your entire system, during which time they could record the entire contents of your hard drive – a definite NO-NO with respect to security. Furthermore, this even gives them the ability to actually place files on your hard drive during that process, also a BIG FAT NO-NO.

I have every confidence in Norton Security to detect any such problem that Facebook purports to exist, should it actually exist. In fact, I implore Norton to find out what in the world Facebook purports to exist and work with them and their four partners in order to identify and eliminate this supposed “malicious software” threat FB claims is on my computer but which I have clearly and incontrovertibly proven not to be present.

In the meantime, I am filing a formal report with my Congressman, asking that he open a Congressional investigation into Facebook’s deceptive practices.”

So my conclusion to all this is:


SH100093ORlogo STEEMIT.gif


At the Winehouse


New platform STEEMIT pays crypto currency for your posts!

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Early August 2017 I joined Steemit. Taking your “Likes” to the bank? On there, you can!
Below is a screenshot of my page:

the above image links to my page ▲

There are a number of us that have already joined this STEEMIT platform.
On Facebook, you cannot take your “Likes” to the bank. On STEEMIT you can!
You earn crypto currency for your posts. I’ve only been on there since early August, and earned quite a bit for my postings.
My friends Reinhard SchmidLeo PlawCody SeekinsDennis Konstantin and Peter Gric, some who had been on there much longer, had amassed quite a nice amount of Steem rewards, the crypto currency on this site.

Consider joining us on STEEMIT

This article in Wikipedia explains what it is all about.

If it wasn’t for Reinhard Schmid insisting I should join, I might have given up, since the sign-up process was a bit complicated, having to jump through a bunch of hoops, with some waiting time in-between, but  I am glad I did.
Once you are on there, it is super easy to compose posts (you could use HTML also, but it is not necessary) – I have started posting on Steemit and then sharing it on my other networks and at times on my blogs. So whether you post on Facebook, or on Steemit (and share with one click from there on Facebook and Twitter) it is all the same effort, except on Steemit you can earn crypto currency for your posts.


Visionary Art Network Update

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Dear Members of the Visionary Art Network,

It has been over a year that I posted a network update:  Network Update August 1. 2016

Since then, there was quite some activity, nine new artists  joined our network (screenshot of our newcomers below – it links to the Membership Page on the Network):
NEW MEMBERS 8-16 to 9-17

Newcomers since August last year are:
Carline Seiser – Mario Devcic – Daniel Dankh – Olga Isaeva – Alessandro Keegan

Rosemary Stehlik – Melanie Brear – Jessica Perner and Richard De La Cruz

The names above link to their respective pages on the Private Network, so you will need to be logged in.

On our public page, the Visionary Art Gallery we feature the Artists of the Month – check them out, there is a slide show that shows all of them back to our first opening of the site in 2009! The pictures link to their respective pages in the VAG. Connect and friend each other – we are all in this together! It’s not much of a “Network” if we are not networking!

I made a video covering our Artists of the Month from the beginning in 2009 to December of 2016. Check it out on YouTube: ARTISTS OF THE MONTH 

Visitor Statistics for the Visionary Art Gallery and our Visionary Art Exhibition show a steady increase in visitors and page views.
You should be visiting – and browsing – our PRIVATE NETWORK: here you find much pertinent information about our world-wide community packed in our Navigation, as well as Notes, Blogs and the RSS feeds found in the side bars on either side.I find that not many take advantage of the network features offered, such as Events: you can post your events there and thus reach our members (internally), but it would also alert me and I could then pass this on through my public blogs and sharing it publicly.

Important: you need to have a sufficient number of pictures uploaded to be featured in our PUBLIC ON-LINE VISIONARY ART GALLERY – you may want to re-read the New Members Info Note for details.

There are now  14.423 Images on file as of date of this posting!



I am constantly featuring individual artists on this website.  Also check the Dreams & Divinities News on this site for updates on D&D exhibition projects! Myself and some of our administrators will add news and announcements on this blog page: Visionary Community Blog,  and Bruce Rimell writes a very informative blog called Archaic Visions. But you find these links (and more) also as RSS feeds on our Private Network!

A  app plug-in I tried last year is working good, check it out in the ZOOM GALLERY . This what I had in mind when I envisioned virtual exhibitions. At the time I started that site, Microsoft had a feature called Zoomit, but they pulled it again, leaving behind blank spaces where I had embedded zoom images. The app I am using now is free from the Weebly app store – it seems to work pretty good. A more sophisticated version (with more bells and whistles, such as graduated zoom) is available as a paid subscription. Implementation is a matter of finances. Admittedly, I have not been adding much to this lately, which has to do with time constraints. After all, it is just me, myself and I that work on this, and as a artist, I do need to set aside time to do my own artwork!

Your DONATIONS made it possible to pay for our Network fees and the .com domains of our  2 main public websites VISIONARY ART GALLERY and VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION (the other sites, Hall of Fame and Emporium are still on the free Weebly sub-domain). On Facebook, we have a often visited page: VISIONARY ART 

In addition, I also opened a Twitter Account for Visionary Art
twitter screenshot



PS: I am duplicating this broadcast as a Network Note. It appears that some members are not receiving the broadcasts.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–For your information:
The VISIONARY ART GALLERY and it’s affiliated sites VISIONARY ART HALL OF FAME and VISIONARY ART EMPORIUM, as well as our newest site, the VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION are all built on the Weebly platform – maybe it  could be useful to you also, should you be looking for a platform to build your website on (a basic account is FREE! You can get your feet wet and test it out before you upgrade to Pro!)The easiest way to create a website for your art. Create your site at!