My Drawing FOMORII POD at the 13th edition of the International Surrealism Now exhibition

The Tony Vitorino Municipal Gallery, in Vieira de Leiria, Marinha Grande county, is hosting the International Surrealism Now exhibition from January 26th to March 19th 2019 , with works by 117 artists from 49 countries. The Gallery is located on the first floor of the Cine-Teatro Actor Álvaro, in Largo da República, in Vieira deContinue reading “My Drawing FOMORII POD at the 13th edition of the International Surrealism Now exhibition”

Arik Brauer 90. Geburtstag am 4. Jänner 2019

Zum Geburtstag möchte ich Arik Brauer meinen herzlichsten Glückwunsch aussprechen.
Seit ich in 2011 wieder in meine Heimatstadt Wien zurückkehrte hatte ich mehrmals die Gelegenhet Arik Brauer zu treffen.


MASSIVE COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS ON MINDS Minds appears to be a haven for some copyright violators who scrape images off the internet and post them without attribution, trying to profit from other peoples work. If you want to know about Copyright and related issues, I operate a website, Visionary Art Gallery, where I dedicated a page toContinue reading “MASSIVE COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS ON MINDS”


Initially posted on Steemit, this VISIONARY ART GALLERY UPDATE is the first in a series to highlight the changes to the Visionary Art Gallery Website. Artists featured in this blog are the tip of the iceberg – I had fixed many more pages (but still many more to do) and will publish additional pages in theContinue reading “VISIONARY ART GALLERY – UPDATE”

PAYPAL ME – a new feature from Paypal

a gratuitous self-portrait GIF to attract attention     Artist friends, Paypal has made it easy to add a tip jar to any post. Get yours here: Let’s work together to create a culture where we all expect to give a little back for the incredible content created by the artists in ourContinue reading “PAYPAL ME – a new feature from Paypal”

Everybody is a critic

A series of posts on Facebook started an avalanche of comments and subsequent postings. This first one below was a post by my friend Martina Hoffmann: An eloquent article by RM Vaughan, VERY worth while reading!!! Excerpt:….After trying so hard to find something beyond the clumsy surface of these paintings, I began to wonder ifContinue reading “Everybody is a critic”