GENETIC VACCINES AGAINST COVID-19 – a critique by Biologist Clemens G. Arvay

  Clemens G. Arvay, MSc, is an Austrian biologist and author who specialized in medical ecology. He graduated in Plant Science (MSc) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, as well as Landscape Ecology (BSc) at Graz University. His work is centered on the relation between biodiversity and health, whereby heContinue reading “GENETIC VACCINES AGAINST COVID-19 – a critique by Biologist Clemens G. Arvay”


A RATHER WEIRD EXCHANGE ON STEEMIT   THIS IS JUST A PORTION OF THE TREAD I AM TRYING TO PRESERVE BY COPY/PASTE because I suspect that since ones comments are editable, the remarks made could well be changed, but here I want to preserve EXACTLY what was written at the time. The time copied is 4Continue reading “TROLLS AND BULLIES ON THE STEEMIT PLATFORM”

WTF Facebook – I am royally pissed off!

  WTF Facebook – I am royally pissed off! THIS IS WHAT I INITIALLY WROTE – I WILL UPDATE AS I GET MORE INFO. This is my Facebook profile picture. My Facebook Personal Page is here: But I cannot access that page anymore, nor my artist page Just to see what is going on, andContinue reading “WTF Facebook – I am royally pissed off!”

Everybody is a critic

A series of posts on Facebook started an avalanche of comments and subsequent postings. This first one below was a post by my friend Martina Hoffmann: An eloquent article by RM Vaughan, VERY worth while reading!!! Excerpt:….After trying so hard to find something beyond the clumsy surface of these paintings, I began to wonder ifContinue reading “Everybody is a critic”

Dino Valls and Censorship

When I checked my Facebook Newsfeed, I found a post message by Dino Valls . The full text of it is below this magnificent recent 2016 painting PROGENIES (from his website): Dino Valls For my FB’s friends and followers: I’ve recently been blocked again for publishing my painting, this time during one month (today unblocked again),Continue reading “Dino Valls and Censorship”

Facebook Shenanigans

  Facebook Shenanigans   A couple of days ago I discovered that Facebook was blocking weebly hosted sites, which includes our VISIONARY ART GALLERY. Apparently, this has something to do with a handful of sub-domains on weebly, supposedly having been  flagged by McAffee (what does McAffe say to this? check HERE). The same supposed  flags hadContinue reading “Facebook Shenanigans”