New platform STEEMIT pays crypto currency for your posts!

Early August 2017 I joined Steemit. Taking your “Likes” to the bank? On there, you can!
Below is a screenshot of my page:

the above image links to my page ▲

There are a number of us that have already joined this STEEMIT platform.
On Facebook, you cannot take your “Likes” to the bank. On STEEMIT you can!
You earn crypto currency for your posts. I’ve only been on there since early August, and earned quite a bit for my postings.
My friends Reinhard SchmidLeo PlawCody SeekinsDennis Konstantin and Peter Gric, some who had been on there much longer, had amassed quite a nice amount of Steem rewards, the crypto currency on this site.

Consider joining us on STEEMIT

This article in Wikipedia explains what it is all about.

If it wasn’t for Reinhard Schmid insisting I should join, I might have given up, since the sign-up process was a bit complicated, having to jump through a bunch of hoops, with some waiting time in-between, but  I am glad I did.
Once you are on there, it is super easy to compose posts (you could use HTML also, but it is not necessary) – I have started posting on Steemit and then sharing it on my other networks and at times on my blogs. So whether you post on Facebook, or on Steemit (and share with one click from there on Facebook and Twitter) it is all the same effort, except on Steemit you can earn crypto currency for your posts.


~ by ottorapp on September 6, 2017.

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