Visionary Art Exhibition – Zoom Gallery


we are happy to announce that we incorporated a new app to zoom images.

Currently there are only a few examples – but there will be more to follow soon!
I am trying out this new app – the page is under construction. After some tinkering, I came up with the right page design how to best present selections of outstanding art from our members of the private Visionary Art Network. This is in addition to our regular FEATURED ARTWORK: with over 500 member artists there are now (as of today) 13,936 photos uploaded, most of which are artwork, and the majority of it (that has been set for public view) is presented on the artists respective pages in embedded slide-shows at the VISIONARY ART GALLERY, our parent site.
As the network grew from initially a handful of members, it became necessary to spin off a site where we could showcase outstanding individual works as well as present exciting blogs by guest writers from our membership – Dreams & Divinities and Archaic Visions – and also feature important exhibitions and links to associated sites such as The Society for Art of Imagination and the Visionary Art Network Australia (to mention only a few – this category is growing as well).
Another spin-off website is our VISIONARY ART HALL OF FAME – as it grew it became necessary to present it as a separate site. This site is also under development. It features pioneer artists as well as a selection of historical artists considered important to our community.
One of my future projects on the drawing board is a remake of our parent site, the Visionary Art Gallery  with an updated template. I am currently trying different test versions. There are problems with migrating features that are unique to the current template, so it will be necessary to adjust and re-design all the individual artist pages and other featured pages one by one.

~ by ottorapp on June 15, 2016.

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