Arik Brauer / Ernst Fuchs

Always interesting when someone mentions artists that are close to me. Since returning to Vienna in 2011 I had become friends with many artists from the ‘Vienna School’, including Ernst Fuchs.


Arik Brauer:


Ernst Fuchs:

fuchs 1

The Vienna Academy reopened after WWII in the summer of 1945. In the ruins of the Academy on the Schllerplatz the 15 year old Ernst Fuchs and 16 year old Arik Brauer first met. They formed and acquaintance with Rudolf Hausner, who had studied at the Academy in the mid 30s.

They also met at the studio of Edgar Jene, who was a member of Breton’s Surrealist group.

The artists, who would eventually be known as Fantastic Realists, were particularly influenced by the Northern Renaissance (Bosch, Brueghel, Dürer, and Grünewald in particular) and the revival of Old Master methods and techniques.

The strain of automatism that was carried through artists like Gorky, Matta, Masson to the Abstract Expressionists, was of little interest. Dali’s obsession with Old Master technique, as well as Di Chrico’s fixation with the tradition, were both influences on the group.

Brauer resides in…

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