MAY 14

The Congregation Gallery is proud to present three art shows on one special evening. Dan Harding, Larkin, and Patrick “Star 27” Deignan are some of the most qualified painters amongst the art world today.


And on May 14th we will unveil their new visions, and all artists will be in attendance! This is not to be missed! 


Dan Harding


A resident of New Jersey, Dan Harding is a self taught virtuoso. His technique and style have been compared to the masters, and many viewers refer to him as their all time favorite. His newest chapter; Splinters, will bring all of the rawness and savagery deserving of supernatural folklore. This all new body of work promises to be nothing short of a  

wicked wild ride from fiction to our darkest dreams.  

Horror art may have its greatest scribe, or perhaps its greatest innovator.   


Patrick “Star 27” Deignan

Bad Obsession

A resident of Saint Petersburg, Florida, Patrick “Star 27” Deignan

tells us the brief narrative of coveted fame with Bad Obsession. This attempt to find fulfillment in things outside oneself and be eluded to fame and power.  Even the partial fruition of these is gained by very few; and that, too, at the expense of health, conscience, and life. His muse is portrayed in vibrant colors as if attracted to neon lights just off the canvas.  Like the superficiality being captured, each portrait is only a snapshot, a glimpse, into the tarnished and broken prison of addiction. Bad Obsession tells the tale of vices, weaknesses, and the shortcomings of the the human race.



Rhinestone Deities

A resident of Tacoma, Washington, Larkin’s work is an interwoven tapestry of Baroque portraiture infused with delicate and monstrous characters. Rhinestone Deities parallels and contrasts the roles of symbiosis, struggle, cohabitation and extinction that are the wages of life on Earth.  The organic nature of his subject lay a bridge between humans and other animals, and also the surreal foundation between sculpture and painting.  This collection has become a mysterious place where dreams and nightmares coexist and intermingle among both two and three dimensional surfaces.




The Congregation Gallery is located at

Forgotten Saints

7569 Melrose Ave

Hollywood, CA 90046 



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