Otto Rapp in the Saatchi Gallery Showdown

UPDATE February 25th 2011:

Thanks to Everyone voting, this picture had made it into the final 128, out of nearly 6000 entries!

Unfortunately, it lost in the first round of the Finals.



I like to thank everyone again for their votes and continuing support. I entered a different picture for the next one:

ARTPARIS Showdown starting on March 4th. 



For links to vote for this (votings starts on March 4th) or other Showdowns I might enter,  go to my Saatchi Profile (look under my profile pic on the left):

You will be promted to sign in/up with Saatchi (can also be done with your facebook account) . Join in and maybe even enter the next showdown yourself!


 Ouroboros Perpetual Motion Machine


~ by ottorapp on February 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Otto Rapp in the Saatchi Gallery Showdown”

  1. Thanks to Everyone, this work of mine made it into the FINAL 128 !
    I changed the links and updated this blog to reflect this. Follow the links to vote again – I APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT !

  2. Unfortunately, I lost by 600 against 780 votes.
    The silver lining in this is that 2 fellow artists from our “tribe” are still in the hunt – please support
    Graszka Paulska
    Leo Wijnhoven
    with your votes!

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